Optimising your legacy and third-party data.

Our data services support you in achieving maximum visibility and control of your data. Whether it's a first-time implementation or a later module addition, we provide a dedicated service for transferring data from your existing systems into your Idox database, ensuring a smooth migration to a better way of working.

Transferring your data is one of the most significant steps in any Idox module implementation, whether your authority is a new or existing Idox user. There are four steps to every data transfer:

  1. Data mapping – determining where your legacy data best fits in the Idox database
  2. Data extraction – extracting your data from legacy systems
  3. Data validation – restructuring your data in accordance with the mapping requirements, ensuring that fields contains the right kind of data, and checking that the relationships between records are correct
  4. Data upload – loading validated data into the appropriate tables and uploading it to your Idox system using scripts that we provide

Options to suit your circumstances

We've developed a range of options for data transfer projects, so that you can choose the one that's right for you:

  • Client-led transfer – a straightforward and economical way to perform textual data transfers, with your staff undertaking most of the work using our validation software
  • Idox-led transfer – ideal if you don't have the resource to create the required mapping information yourselves
  • Idox-complete transfer – we carry out all steps in the process, including extraction and loading of data

Script-writing for all scenarios

You can call on our scripting service at any time after your Idox database has been populated if you need to, for example:

  • Make bulk changes to your data
  • Update a previously transferred dataset with additional data

Having agreed initial requirements with you, we'll write the scripts, test them and package them with details of how to run them. Running the scripts will usually be done by your own staff unless we have agreed to do this for you.

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Helping you to manage your data effectively

The Idox Data Management Tool is a powerful yet simple solution that sits alongside Idox software to support efficient, ongoing bulk data management.

We provide the tools for speed and efficiency, allowing our customers to continue to control their operations effectively, in line with GDPR requirements.

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